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  • Powerball, introduced in January 2010, is the largest jackpot game in the State.

  • Mega Millions is a multi-state jackpot game, with jackpots starting at $12 Million.

  • Lotto is Washington's flagship jackpot game, first introduced in July 1984 and offers odds of winning that are much higher than the big jackpot games.

  • Hit 5 jackpots start at $100 000.00 and keeps growing and offers the most favorable odds of winning on all the State's jackpot games.
Washington State Lottery Jackpot tickets are available at the River Rock Smoke Shop location on Highway 530.

Washington State scratch tickets come in $1, $2, $3, 5, $10 and $20 games. Every denomination offers a number of choices of scratch games. The higher the dollar game, the larger the prizes, with many tickets offering multiple ways of winning.

Washington State scratch lottery tickets are available at the River Rock Smoke Shop on Highway 530.

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